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Friday, December 31, 2010

How To Unlock Any Iphone WIth Any Baseband

Because of various problems encountered when basesband of iphones upgraded to 5.14 or 5.15
i have made enough research and havee gotten the solution on which i tryed on an ipone 3G with firmware 4.21, Bootloader 6.05, Baseband 5.15. and it unlocks perfectly well with no extra complications like battery drainage or damaged GPS. This method is guaranteed and you wont encounter any problem while doing this i will start by listing all posible unlock solutions for iphone with high baseband, bootloader and firmware version below

i.       Use an officialy suported sim card then activate it with itunes. with this method, you have to use the sim that came with the phone either AT&T , or orange or tmobile or e.t.c. if you have the original sim the phone was locked to then you can put the sim then connect with itunes to activate. Please note that this method only work if your baseband has not being tampered with.

ii.     If Your Boot Loader version is 5.08 you can use FuzzyBand to downgrade your baseband from 5.15 or 5.14 back to 5.13 then after that is succesful you will now unlock with ultrasnow. the details on this method can be found at th bottom of this page. Use Forecaster to check your bootloader. if it is 5.08 then launch cydia from your iphone, go to system then instal fuzzyband from there. after instaling it, exit cydia the run Fuzzy Band from your applications list, it will then downgrade your baseband from 5.15, 5.14 back to 5.13. after this is successful, open cydia and instal ultrasnow, your phone is unlocked perfectly well. But if bootloader is not 5.08 then use any of the following solutions. If you have any question drop your comments below.

iii.    Use Redsnow 0.95b5 to instal ipad baseband. this will upgrade your baseband to an ipad baseband that is v6.15 then you can now use ultrasnow to unlock, by doing this your warranty will be void and you cannot use itunes to upgrade your phone anymore, that is your phone cannot use the official itunes firmware except you use customised firmware created by Snowbreeze or pwnage tools. With this method your battery will drain very quickly and your GPS willl stop working. This issues are not caused by the unlocking with ultrasnow but by the activating process (Hacktivating). This process is advisable for now but the last process is perfect. Click here for moreinformation on this process. If you have any question drop your comments below.

iv. This last method is the method i got by myself and it works it also uses the ipad baseband 6.15 but no battery drainage and your GPS will continue working and in addition to that you can use itunes to activate the phone with any sim or to update the phone to latest firmware ofline as far as you have downloaded the ipsw firmware file. this method works on any kind of firmware version or baseband version, and does not gives any problem. i got this final solution tediously by spending money and time but i am giving it to free to the first 5 people that request for it but after that it is $20 per unlock (you first pay $10 and when your phone is in good order and tested, then you pay the remaining $10). Please you can drop any coments or questions, and for the first 5 people to drop their GTALK I.D i will contact them through Gtalk and give them the steps to unlock their iphone succesfuly. Please note that i am here just to help people because i know that people have suffered and they ar just told to wait for another expected unlocker. The Name of this method is called VICTORY LINK POISON and its the best method for unlocking any kind of iphone for now. If you have any question drop your comments below.